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Technology at Fenton Avenue Charter School

Science & Technology - Labs & Hands On Experience:
We are proud to announce that our students are using four labs this year: 3rd and 4th grade computer labs, a 5th grade laptop studio and the upper-grade science lab. Mrs/ Gunckel, our upper-grade science specialist and a National Board Certified Teacher and Mr. Trello, our instructional Technology Specialist, have planned programs that effectively integrate science and technology instruction with the College and Career Readiness Standards.
  • Over 900 computers networked throughout the Fenton campus establish a student to computer ratio of two computers for every five students in kindergarten and first grades; ratio of 1:2 in second grade, and a 1:1 ratio in all third, fourth and fifth grade classrooms.
  • Laptop computers on loan to all Fenton teachers dock at custom-made workstations in every classroom for access to the school's DS3 line.
  • All teacher work stations connect to a 4,500 lumen ceiling-mounted video projection unit which  project the teacher's laptop, document camera, DVD or VCR player on to six by eight foot retractable screen, accessible through a switch at the teacher station.
  • A voice amplification system in every classroom which includes a wireless headset for the teacher and handheld microphone for student use.
  • Video conferencing accessible in every classroom.
  • All third, fourth and fifth grade classroom have a one-computer-per-student configuration. Computers are recessed under custom-designed glass-top desks and connected to the school's network providing access to standards-aligned software as well as DS3 line for Internet access.
  • All classrooms and offices have telephones with voice mail, and each room and office is connected to a school-wide intercom system.