Visual and Performing Arts

The visual arts program at Fenton Primary Center is based on a blending of the California State Content Standards for the Visual Arts with all other curricular areas.  The Charter School’s program emphasizes the integration and development of strategies to reinforce content instruction through a corresponding visual arts strand. The objective is to increase student awareness of how creative thinking and problem solving in art enhance learning in all areas.  The visual arts program establishes an environment for the students to learn to live their lives creatively.


A variety of art techniques and mediums are explored.  New media (technology) is balanced with the traditional arts.  Learning the skills, processes, materials and tools for both is imperative.  Students will be the new artists of the new millennium and success will require a strong foundation in both new and traditional media.


A part-time visual arts specialist will continue to provide art instruction to all students once a week.  Lessons have been designed to address the skills and abilities to be mastered at each grade level based on the five strands of the Visual Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools:


•Artistic Perception

•Creative Expression

•Historical and Cultural Context

•Aesthetic Valuing

•Connections, Relationships, Applications


Part-time music teachers will continue to provide music instruction weekly based on the Music Standards for California Public Schools. Beginning in grade 3, and continuing through grade 5, students will continue to learn to read music and play a beginning wind instrument (recorder). 


Reflecting the Charter School’s belief in “how learning best occurs,” the Charter School will continue its commitment to arts education:


“Arts education offers students the opportunity to envision, set goals, determine a method to reach a goal and try it out, identify alternatives, evaluate, revise, solve problems, imagine, work collaboratively, and apply self-discipline.  As they study and create in the arts, students use the potential of the human mind to its full and unique capacity.”

Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards, January 2001


Limited resources have restricted weekly instruction to just two of the four disciplines of the Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards, but the Charter School will continue to allocate the resources necessary to maintain the part-time art and music teachers.