Fenton Charter Public Schools

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Mission and Vision

The mission of Fenton Charter Public Schools is to successfully educate all students through the implementation of a rigorous standards-based curriculum that is infused with technology-enriched instructional strategies and learning opportunities. All members of the Charter School community are responsible for the school-wide vision:

• The students of the Charter School will actively seek learning opportunities by working cooperatively, thinking critically, and striving to master rigorous academic standards.

• The students, parents and employees of the Charter School will collaboratively establish and model the highest standards for student achievement, positive self-esteem, pro-social values, and respect for cultural diversity.

• The employees of the Charter School will demonstrate their belief in the value of lifelong learning and model the appropriate and desired behaviors and attitudes expected of students.

• The Charter School community will work cooperatively and collaboratively to create a child-centered environment in which all partners are empowered by their own sense of ownership and responsibility to the school.

• The Charter School community and partners will maintain the highest level of integrity in fiscal management while seeking all available resources and using them effectively to support the instructional program.

What is a Charter School?

 Charter status has allowed every member of the FCPS school community to participate fully in the transformation of the schools. The result of this collaborative effort has been total accountability in every aspect of the management, operation, and governance of the school, higher student achievement across all grade levels, and continuous focus on a school-wide vision.

What is a charter school and how are they different? Click the link and explore the information provided to learn more about the charter movement and why it is good for public education.

An Educated Person of the 21st Century

The human contributors of the 21st century will be those who learn to be self-directing and accountable. They will work cooperatively to achieve innovative answers to difficult questions for the benefit of society. They will have an acute awareness of global perspective and responsibility, and be able to look at themselves and others in a variety of ways. They will have a sophisticated knowledge of literature, mathematics, history, science, technology, and the arts, and they will have mastered the skills and developed the values required to become contributing members of a democratic society.