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NWEA MAP Scores: At Fenton, students take the NWEA MAP reading, language and math test in the fall and spring in grades 2-5. MAP data helps us find where students are ready to learn. It also helps us see growth and find a student's instructional level. It is a computer-based test and is taken in the computer lab. We like students to have MAP scores so they can see what areas they might want to work on in school. They can also see the areas of growth.


When students take a MAP test, they get a score called a RIT. RIT scores range from about 150-300. Students typically start at the 150-190 level in 3rd grade and progress to the 240-300 level by high school. RIT scores make it possible to follow a student's educational growth from year to year.


A Guide to NWEA MAP Scores

The scores in the chart are norms and provide a reference for comparing how your student compares to the same grade level student across the US. 


NWEA MAP Scores (RIT Scores) for Khan Academy Math:

Find your math RIT score, click on the link below and your child can practice the math skills they are "ready to learn".  Have fun!


Click Here: RIT to Khan Math