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Fenton Avenue Charter School (FACS)

Fenton Avenue Charter School (FACS) is located in the northeast San Fernando Valley in the city of Lake View Terrace. The school opened in 1958 as Fenton Avenue Elementary School, a kindergarten through sixth grade elementary school built to accommodate 450 students. However, in June 1993, Fenton Avenue Elementary School became the Los Angeles Unified School District’s seventh charter school and the thirtieth charter school in the state of California. Currently, the school services 750 students. Fenton was recognized as a California Distinguished School in 1997, received WASC and Cambridge Education accreditation in 2007, is a certified member of the California Charter Schools Association, and continues to be recognized as an example of a successful conversion public charter school. Renewed by the Los Angeles Unified School District in 1998, 2003, 2008, and 2012, Fenton Avenue Charter School has consistently fulfilled, if not exceeded, the goals and stated outcomes of the original charter petition and renewal contracts.
In 2013, Fenton Avenue Charter School was recognized with the “Hart Vision Charter School of the Year Award” by the California Charter Schools Association (CCSA). The school’s 3-Year Average API is 809. The school's emphasis on science and technology was enhanced in 2014 with the addition of three computer labs and a technology integration teacher. Fenton maintains a thriving Gifted and Talented Education program which serves the predominately at-risk population. Fenton Avenue Charter School has a highly qualified staff of dedicated educators that is truly devoted to the profession of educating students. Through a generous partnership with the Discovery Cube LA Science Center in Lake View Terrace, in 2016 FACS offered an eight week long after-school engineering program for girls. Numerous classes also partnered with the Discovery Cube to participate in Engineering Week. 

What is a Charter School?

Fenton Avenue Charter School has been an independent charter school for 20 years. Charter status has allowed every member of the FACS and FPC school community to participate fully in the transformation of the school. The result of this collaborative effort has been total accountability in every aspect of the management, operation, and governance of the school, higher student achievement across all grade levels, and continuous focus on a school-wide vision.

What is a charter school and how are they different? Click the link and explore the information provided to learn more about the charter movement and why it is good for public education.


California Charter Schools Association

Stacy Carroll Hutter
Assistant Director:
Leticia Padilla Parra
Administrative Coordinator:
Jessi Tello